Industries Served by Bay Valve Service 

Bay Valve Service’s expertise on valves spreads across multiple industries ranging from the petrochemical industry to pulp and paper to food and beverage.  Regardless of your industry, we understand what it means to have your process/plant stopped and people’s lives or production impacted.  We are ready to serve and work with you to set up the right level of coverage to meet your needs in your specific market.  Below are several of the primary industries we serve and the services we can offer:

Oil & Gas:  

Successful TARs are essential to eliminate forced outages throughout a given operational cycle; Bay Valve Service is a leader in these events.  Built on preparing for maintenance, special project, and/or unplanned TARs, Bay Valve Service is able to fully lead and execute your valve work ensuring full compliance with industry safety and quality requirements.  Bay Valve Service is registered with all main third-party auditing agencies; we understand the working environment; and we’re familiar with specialty processes, such as Coker Units, and can give you specific system upgrade advice.  Bay Valve Service understands your market dynamics and knows that getting the most between TARs is key to continually meeting strict safety standards and delivering market demands for product … We are your turnaround expert.

Power Generation: 

Today’s operational environment requires plants to cycle on and off at a moment’s notice to meet the market demand.  This additional cycling causes extreme fatigue on valves.  Having the right expertise present to evaluate, maintain, repair and service assures you that a valve will not prevent your plant from getting online and meeting your contractual obligations.  Our team is trained on the safety requirements of your plants and is able to work in all types of generation facilities.  Our well-versed team can assess valve failures and high-stress points and support you in developing the right maintenance plan to drive reliability and meet your shutdown dates for regularly scheduled maintenance.


Chemical, fertilizer and other petrochemical facilities, though similar to the oil and gas industry, are more specialized due to the nature of specific chemical processes and corresponding safety requirements.  Bay Valve Service knows that one of the keys to ensure this integrity is to properly maintain and specify the right valve as they are the main boundary to keeping processes/chemicals segregated.  Bay Valve Service is an expert at providing field service expertise. When new valves are required, we can ensure full system integrity given the specific chemical process.  With an understanding of your market dynamics and need for process segregation, Bay Valve Service can ensure your shutdowns are executed with extreme precision.

Pulp & Paper: 

Mill operational time is critical and shutdowns are extremely tight with limited time to perform required maintenance/servicing.  We are fully capable and regularly support short window outages ranging from 12 to 36 hours with parts, technicians, tool trailers, and on-site repair capabilities enabling you to return to service.  Our branches have the expertise to meet with you, set up a custom schedule and deliver on all valve needs, getting you ready for startup in the required window, with the highest safety and quality standards.


Ensuring the autoclave process is always running and ready is a key component for our mining customers. At Bay Valve Service, we understand this and know how to ensure valve reliability in this process and to ensure our technicians are MSHA and OSHA trained. Our field, shop and supply services allow us to respond quickly and are specialized in performing hard facing (overlays) to gate, globe and control valves. Additionally, we understand that timeframes are extremely tight and that the rotation for this process is known and parts must be on hand. We can help our customers manage spares and valve histories, manage inventory turns and swap out valves during each shutdown to increase reliability while reducing the overall total cost of ownership.


Bay Valve Service's

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